Cultivation group fruit crops

The Dutch Nursery Stock and Perennials Association (LTO) consists of six cultivation groups:

o   Woodland plants and shrubs;

o   Roses and rose rootstocks;

o   Fruit crops;

o   Avenue and park trees;

o   Ornamental crops;

o   Perennials.

The cultivation group of fruit crops represents the interests of the fruit tree growers and growers of rootstocks for fruit trees in the Netherlands. The growers grow high quality starting material for fruit growers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Points of attention of the cultivation group:

  • Clean and virus free starting material
  • Maintainance of the buffer zones for fire blight.
  • Policy of minerals and the nitrogen standard.
  • Policy for crop protection and specificly weed control.

In 2015 we have reached the following: 

  • Agreement with Naktuinbouw about the new tarives for tree nurseries in 2016;
  • Because of the deployment of the coordinator ‘Effective crop protection package’ (CEMP) some new herbicides came available for the fruit tree growers.
  • Actualisation of the discussion of buffer zone areas for fire blight. 

Board of the cultivation group of fruit crops

Chairman: Pieter van Rijn, telephone: +31-6-53374159 

Member of the board: Han Fleuren with the following portfolio:

  • Employers’ commission and education tree nurseries.
  • Sounding board Crop protection and fertilization within the department Nursery Stock and perennials. 
  • Advisory commission Fruit crops Naktuinbouw;
  • Member of the board Propagation Nurseries Netherlands;
  • Member of the board of the Department of Nursery stock and perennials LLTB (South);
  • Portfolio labour and education LTO Cultivation in open air.

Secretary: Gerrit Peeters, Telephone: +31-6-29520265

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