Cultivation group young woodland plants and shrubs

The Dutch Nursery Stock and Perennials Association (LTO) consists of six cultivation groups:

  • Woodland plants and shrubs;
  • Roses and rose rootstocks;
  • Fruit crops;
  • Avenue and park trees;
  • Ornamental crops;
  • Perennials.

The cultivation group young woodland plants and hedges represents the interests of woodland- and hedge growers within the Netherlands. Most of the growers are situated in Zundert. Starting material for this cultivation is seed or cuttings,  

Points of attention of this cultivation group:

  • Availability of good and pure starting material. Availability of seeds of autochthonous and native starting material gets special attention.
  • Maintainance of buffer zones for fire blight.
  • Maintainance of quality and reliability of the Dutch products
  • Policy of minerals, Framework Water and the policy of crop protection products. 

Chairman: Bart Faassen Telephone: +31-77-3737000

Secretary: Gerrit Peeters Telephone:  +31-6-29520265

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