Cultivation group perennials

The department of Nursery Stock and Perennials consists of six cultivation groups:

o   Woodland plants and shrubs;

o   Roses and rose rootstocks;

o   Fruit crops;

o   Avenue and park trees;

o   Ornamental crops;

o   Perennials.

The cultivation group of perennials is in fact the Cooperation of Perennial Growers: Perennial Power.

The objective of the cultivation group is mainly stimulating the sales of perennials. Customers are mainly consumers but also more and more communities. Using perennials in public green can result in savings. And the perennials contribute to a healthy environment.  

Priorities of the cooperation:

  •         Collective promotion of perennials;
  •         Organisation of activities for the members;
  •         Together with I-verde organising promotional activities;
  •         Perennial show of the Keukenhof in Lisse; 
  •         Delivery of virus free plant material.

Board and portfolio:

  • Chairman: Aad Vollebregt. Telephone:+31-6-22141800. Representation within Naktuinbouw. Member of the board of ISU 
  • Member of the board: Jos Swinkels. Within Perennial Power organising excursions.
  • Member of the board: Theo Vilier. Delegate ISU, crop protection and minerals.
  • Member of the board: Peter Heutinck
  • Member of the board: Marcel Lucassen. Crop protection and minerals. Representative within Naktuinbouw. Member of the board of the LTO department Trees and Perennials. 
  • Member of the board: Roy Rotteveel
  • Member of the board: Patricia van Riel

  Secretary: Gerrit Peeters. Telephone: +31-625120007

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