Cultivation group of ornamental crops

The Dutch Nursery Stock and Perennials Association (LTO) consists of six cultivation groups:

o   Woodland plants and shrubs;

o   Roses and rose rootstocks;

o   Fruit crops;

o   Avenue and park trees;

o   Ornamental crops;

o   Perennials.

The cultivation group of ornamental crops represents the interests of the growers of ornamental shrubs, conifers and box-tree. Both in open ground and in containers and pots. More and more of these companies are also growing part of their products in temporary facilities or permanent glasshouses.


Points of interest of the cultivation group:


  • Uniform quality and  'just in time delivery' ;
  • Permanent or temporary use of facilities and glasshouses;
  • Legislation of Flora and Fauna;
  • Framework Water;
  • Cylindrocladium buxicola in box-tree and Xanthomonas arboricola in cultivations of Prune.



Chairman: Henk Raaijmakers. Telephone: +31-6-12375257

Secretary: Gerrit Peeters. Telephone: +31-6-2512007

The cultivation group of ornamental shrubs has the largest amount of members. Therefore the board consists of more people. Spread over the country.

  • North/ East/Middle: Anja Menkhorst
  • South/ Middle/ East:  Rens van de Oever
  • North/ West:  vacancy
  • South/West:  vacancy
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