Cultivation group avenue and park trees

The Dutch Nursery Stock and Perennials Association (LTO) consists of six cultivation groups:

o   Woodland plants and shrubs;

o   Roses and rose rootstocks;

o   Fruit crops;

o   Avenue and park trees;

o   Ornamental crops;

o   Perennials.

The growers of avenue and park trees are working on:

·         Propagation by cutting, grafting and t-budding;

·         Cultivation of seeded crops till spindle trees and

·         Further till a deliverable tree

The products are starting material for other nurseries. Or will be delivered as end product to the market of governments, communities, gardeners and retail. In the Netherlands and abroad. 

Points of interest:

·         Plant health;

·         Sales and promotion;

·         Inspection;

·         Campaign ‘Tree of the Year’;

·         Quality description trees for the public space and communities

·         Strong and healthy assortment and

·         Sustainability


Chairman: Jan van Leeuwen. Telephone: +31-6-24534232

Secretary: Gerrit Peeters. Telephone: +31-6-25120007

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