Interessante conferenties vanuit AIPH

vrijdag 19 februari, 2021

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) organiseert twee conferenties die mogelijk interessant voor u kunnen zijn. Het betreft "AIPH International Virtual Expo Conference" en "AIPH International Plant Health Conference".

Voor meer informatie verwijzen we u naar onderstaande twee links:

To AIPH Members:

Please don’t forget to register for the other conferences in the virtual Spring Meeting:

  *   Tuesday 16 March – AIPH Expo Conference -

  *   Wednesday 24 March – AIPH Plant Health Conference -


These events are free of charge to attend so please do promote them widely in your country or region.

You will notice that AIPH now has a new website and we hope you enjoy exploring the content.




Tim Briercliffe |  Secretary General

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