De Floriade Dialoque op 4 april 2019

dinsdag 12 maart, 2019 -  Floriade
De Floriade Dialogues, zoals deze ook in de making off van Floriade Venlo hebben plaatsgevonden, gaan nu weer van start. Onderstaand treft u een uitnodiging aan voor de Floriade Dialogue op 4 april a.s. in Amsterdam. Het thema is Urban Vertical Green.

Invitation Floriade Dialogue #2: Urban Vertical Green

We are pleased to invite you to the second edition of our Floriade Dialogue in Amsterdam on Thursday 4th of April 2019. In the run-up to the International Horticultural Expo, we hold the Floriade Dialogues, a scientific support program started in June 2018. The location of this Dialogue is the Amvest building at Zeeburgerkade 1184 in Amsterdam.

Floriade Dialogue is an international platform and network, bringing together professionals within the fields of science, business and government to discuss the Expo central theme: ‘Growing Green Cities’. The objective of Floriade Dialogue is to spur positive impact on sustainable green urban development, adequate and safe food production, and the balanced use of nature within the limits of natural resources.

The outcome of this 2nd edition of the Floriade Dialogue will be new visions and developments of vertical greening systems as a means of restoring the environmental integrity in urban areas through enhancing biodiversity and sustainability. The discussions cover visions and strategies to provide ecosystem services in urban areas; with impact on the thermal performance of buildings both in summer and winter to improve the urban environment. The Dialogue fully addresses the intersection of urban growth objectives, urban planning, green buildings, climate change, cooling cities with living (infra)structures, and green facades.


We hope you will accept this invitation to participate in the concept exercise that acts as a precursor for future World Thematic Exhibitions, and as a starting point for building an exciting international network of experts.


Please be so kind to let us know via this link<> if you will be able to participate and find the latest line-up and programme. Upon accepting our invitation, you will be further informed on the concept and detailed program elements.

I am looking forward to see you the 4th of April in Amsterdam.

Yours sincerely,


Mr. Peter Verdaasdonk

Chief Executive Officer

Expo 2022 Floriade Almere

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